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At JFI we are proud of our award-winning team of professional drivers. Join us in congratulating the following award-winners:

Four Million Miles
Accident Free

Gerald Alfson 2014
Dale Thompson 2015

Three Million Miles
Accident Free

Ron Johnson 2014

Two Million Miles
Accident Free

Bob Grape 2019
Darren Monroe 2020
Dan Steffens 2020

One Million Miles
Accident Free

Jeff Britton 2020
Everett Craft 2020
Pat Greer 2020
Les Imes 2020
Roger Johnson 2020
John Martin 2020
Jack Ramsdell 2020
Steve Zeimet 2020
Rick Vos 2020
Martin Lakin 2020
Kevin Gulbrandson 2020
Alex Montgomery 2020
Jeff Holl 2020
Tim Ballard 2021

Company Driver of the Year

Jay Berhends 2022
Mark Hungerford 2022

Owner / Operator Driver of the Year

Ron Johnson 2022
John Mahony 2019
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